Critical capabilities of ITSM tools PDF


Think of a computer which runs a software& the software is made up of very complex codes lines that only a few people can comprehend. In order to allow everyone to use the software, it needs to have an easy to use and the friendly user interface; otherwise, most people wouldn’t be able to use it. Likewise, ITSM serves the same purpose as the software’s UI helps employees in an organization communicate with IP without having to know anything about technology. Get what they need, resolve their issues in essence, ITSM creates a bridge between IT, employees and the customers. In ITSM, IT tools are consolidated into a single data model to transform the service experience. Applications like incident management, problem management, change, knowledge release, service request, asset, configuration, SLM & continual improvement management are used.

Benefits of using ITSM

  • Reducing response time & streamlining service delivery
  • Self-service portal simplifies the user experience
  • Improving efficiency & reducing operational cost
  • Easy implementation of IT changes
  • Visibility into operation, accountability and productivity.
  • Less repetition in workflow


In today’s business environment, companies are exceedingly dependent on internal IT to deliver services and function in optimum time with the onset of different ITSM tools by vendors you can choose the best suite for your needs. Now the vendors follow the SaaS delivery model which can be switched to on-premises also and have functional capabilities across the organization and the marketplace. SaaS delivery model offers faster deployment speed with low, upfront cost and scalability applied to CRM, ERP or collaboration of both.


SolarWinds service desk

It’s a cloud-based ITIL ready solution with fully integrated asset management and service management feature. It’s a multi-tenant SaaS platform which means you’re always working with the latest version built by SolarWinds. The service desk can streamline standard service delivery for day-to-day incidents by routing tickets to the correct teams.

ManageEngineServiceDesk Plus

A benefits administration bundle that fulfils the ITIL Benefit Operation necessities.Accessible for Windows Server, Linux, and as a cloud-based stage.



Freshworks Supports customers be more planned with a platform that delivers superior ROI while giving agents the tools to deliver customer experience. Simplifying all customer conversations in one platform, automating repetitive work, and saving time &

inviting agents, colleagues, or external business partners to solve tickets using Freshconnect. It revamps the efficiency of the sales team with Freshworks Sales.

Alloy Navigator

It is both a cloud & on-premises tool that is compatible and all-inclusive ITSM & IT service desk platform. Comes with mandatory features like incident management, a self-service portal, change, PO management, CMDB etc. and supports workflow automation, automated approvals, performance analytics, dashboards, KPI, reports and email ticketing. It has flexible plans for teams of all size for named or concurrent licensing.


This ITSM software transforms team productivity with most powerful service management solution with features like IT Asset management, network discovery, hardware and network monitoring.

Kaseya BMS

Create manage and resolve al service request and tickets, allow your technician to work with greater efficiency, by spending less time on billing and tracking time to create more opportunity. Elevate your relationship through CRM, BI and reporting. It has Third-party integrations with a popular financial application such as Quickbooks&Xero and Pax8.

Vivantio ITSM

It is famous for its responsiveness, openness and flexibility. It manages incoming email, tracks messaging histories, route tickets to right team or employee by escalating critical issues with other service tools. It has two levels of ITSM plans to choose from.


When ITIL is introduced to any organization, choosing an ITSM software suite is the only sensible option, a suite which can offer service strategy, service design, transition, operation and continual service improvement. With a service desk, the client support contact is within a service provider of IT & its other cost centres. ITSM tools offer digitalized support for incident management, assistance in the administrative process, personnel cost, billing, SLM. We have discussed the best ITSM tools present in the market. They can suit companies and a team of small to invariably large size organization. Due to their cloud presence, they tend to remain updated always. Choosing from their flexible plans is immensely easy. Mostly they all are identical it’s the purchaser who needs to ascertain whom to pick.