Dating Girls – Three Rules for Dating Beautiful Girls

If you don’t use these three rules for dating girls, you are missing on a lot of opportunities. Use them every time you are dating girls.

When dating girls, there are certain things that you don’t really need on the other hand; there are some other stuff that you absolutely have to possess in order to dating girls successfully.

These three rules I’m going to present to you are the most important things you are going to use.

Learn them and use them, if you don’t, you will be missing a lot of occasions.

· The first rule for dating girls is never try to win her

I’m serious; never try to win a girl.

I’m sure that most guys are shaking their heads while reading this and not agreeing with me.

Most men are wrong about this issue; they think that dating girls is all about winning her and making her the prize.

It may be true in Hollywood’s movies, but in reality, it’s totally false.

Believe it or not, a girl would like you to be the prize and her pursuing you.

If you don’t believe me, just try this small experiment: กลุมลับ

Go meet a new girl, meet her for one date and make sure it’s great, then don’t call her for three days, after that meet her for another date and let it be perfect, then don’t call her at all.

You will notice a strange thing; she will call you and try to set a date with you.

She is pursuing you!

I don’t suggest that you should play this game with girls, what’s I’m suggesting is you need to give more importance to yourself than you are giving to the girl.

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