Dating Women – Three Mistakes You Will Make When You Meet Her for the First Time

Dating women may be very fun and exciting. However if you do these mistakes, it will become into such a boring and depressing event for both of you. There are many ways to succeed when dating women. You can for example get her to a fun place, make fun of things, let her have a great time…. On the other hand, there are many more ways to wreck a date, and the big problem is that most guys are applying these ways every time they are dating women.

The first mistake you will make when dating women is: asking the wrong questions This is truly one of the most awful mistakes you are going to commit with women, if you aren’t already doing it. Ask her these questions and she will run away from you when your back is turned. What do I mean by the “wrong questions”? They are simply questions which will make women feel uneasy, or even worse, make them feel embarrassed. They will give you an image of weakness and neediness. Here are a few of these questions that you must avoid at all cost: “How old are you?” (The most repulsive question to a woman if asked seriously) “Where do you live” (trust me, you don’t want to ask her this question, it will either tell the woman that you are highly boring (needy) or that you are a criminal). “What do you want to talk about?” (You have to decide the topic, not her) “Are you busy Saturday?” (Women go ill when you ask them this question, no woman on this earth will answer with: no, I’m such a looser, I have nothing to do) And the worst questions are: Questions about boring subjects like: Where did you buy this shirt? What a nice perfume you are wearing, where did you get it? …. กลุมลับ

· The second worst mistake you are going to do when dating women is: let her choose This is the kiss of death when it comes to dating women. If you ask her just for once when you are first dating her about a choice to make, she will feel disguised about you. Women are naturally unattached to clingy guys, they don’t like being around guys who aren’t decisive. How can you not be decisive? By asking her these dangerous questions: Where do you want to go? When can I meet you? Where can I meet you? Just tell me a place and I’ll take you there…. Do you know any good restaurant? Do you like fish? ….. Women don’t want to lead you; they want you to lead them. Stay away from these questions and you will be fine.

· The third mistake you will do when dating women is: giving her the impression that you are a nice guy. This will sound a surprise to most guys: Women don’t like nice guys! If you start behaving like a nice guy, she will dump you. Try to always be the dominant part in the relationship. Never let her put you down. Always give her the impression that you are a strong creature and that you can be depended on, try to further your knowledge on How to Make a Great First Impression on women, it’s the best thing you do to make women highly attracted to you.


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