Now Play Music Wherever You Want With Wireless Audio Speakers

Wireless computer speakers are a new and exciting addition to the home entertainment system. These speakers are similar in nature to traditional loudspeakers, except for the fact that the signals from the audio device are transmitted to them not through cables but through radio frequency. Wireless speakers are the simple solution to extend a computer’s sound capabilities, without the need for messy and bulky cables.

Typically, a wireless speaker consists of two main units, one being the main loudspeaker itself with a radio frequency receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter is a portable device that can be plugged into any audio device. It is usually compatible with most audio players, including iPods, MP3 players and CD players, besides the computer. All the audio signals get transmitted to the audio speakers placed at different places via the transmitter. The receivers/speakers can be placed where the listener wants the sound to be. This provides complete freedom to move the wireless speakers around, without the need of cables. Normally, a receiver/speaker unit contains an amplifier within it that boosts the audio signal to produce crystal clear high-definition sound. Once the transmitter and the audio device get synchronized with each other, the whole system works seamlessly. However, the actual quality of the stereo sound may depend upon the materials used for manufacturing the speakers. Today, there are different kinds of wireless speakers available in the market that is designed for specific needs. One such kind of wireless speakers are the outdoor speakers. As these are for use in the outdoors, they have a robust casing. Most manufacturers of outdoor speakers claim their speakers to be completely weatherproof.

Wireless speakers generally use the same signal frequency range – 900 MHz, as used by cordless telephones. These radio frequency signals possess the ability to travel through walls and ceilings. Mostly these speakers are capable of transmitting signals over a range of 150 to 300 feet. Normally most wireless speakers feature variable transmission frequencies that are set through a tuning knob. This feature helps to overcome potential frequency interference that may be caused due to the presence of other wireless devices in the proximity.

Generally, the wireless audio speakers are powered either by an AC electric outlet or rechargeable batteries. These speakers are fully equipped to work with rechargeable batteries and can store the amount of power that they require. On a single charge, these devices can work up to eight hours.

Making a choice for wireless computer speakers may depend upon certain factors including price, designs, durability, frequency range and the speakers’ ability to produce quality sound. Apart from these factors, people should also look to purchase speakers that come with a low-frequency bass effect and a surround sound feature.

Wireless speakers are a great way to play music at home. The portability of the speakers makes them a wonderful choice for people who wish to play music both inside or outside the home. Because the speakers are wireless, they can be placed anywhere from the patio, garage, garden, to kitchen and backyard, thus allowing people access to their favorite songs with much ease.


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