Roulette System Scams Revealed: SuperBets Roulette System

In this article, you will learn on of the most carefully hidden secrets about beatingĀ  918kiss online roulette using Superbets. It’s something many of the top experts know- and every beginner would love to know. And it has the power to skyrocket your online winnings-guaranteed. Read it carefully.

Many roulette systems have been created over the years, most roulette system failing miserably.
One classic example would be the ‘Martingale’ system. This roulette system expects you
to continue ‘doubling up’ on losing bets. This roulette system works
if you have a significant amount of initial capital and the roulette game does
not impose any maximum bet. You will lose money if it hits the maximum bet
allowed in the game or you are running out of money.

The ‘Superbets’ system depends on 2 factors for its success.

1. the appearance of online casinos, where there are no staff to see what
you are playing and dish you out, and 2. the fact that the standard roulette
table with an in built flaw that is easy to exploit.

Basis – aside from the 0 or 00, each roulette number is either black or red,
and if you bet on black or red, you win evens. The house edge in this case
is the green 0 or 00. So far so good.
The roulette table, however, is split into 3 columns, each of
which holds 12 numbers (i.e. a third of all numbers, ignoring the 0 and 00).

Now this is where it gets exciting – the first column has 6 red and 6 black numbers,
while the second column has only 4 red and 8 black.
The third column, of course, has 4 black and 8 red numbers.


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