The Best Card Combination In Poker Games


Poker is a card betting game that is being favored today. This card game which is full of techniques and tactics does have a certain appeal compared to other card betting games. The reason is that in this poker game you are not just playing passively and waiting for luck, but players are active in making the right tactics and making good card combinations to win bets.

This also makes players feel challenged to try new tactics every day and ensure the most appropriate tactics to use in playing online poker and capsasusun. Apart from that, in playing online poker you need to know a good combination of cards that have the highest to the lowest scores in online poker games at the most trusted poker agents.

In essence, there are 10 (ten) combined cards that have the best value in a trusted online poker game. Below will describe the card combination from the highest value to the lowest value:

  1. Royal Flush

The Royal Flush happens to be a combination of 5 cards with the same symbol and consecutive values ​​starting from the number 10 card, jack, king, queen, and ace. This card combination is a little difficult to get, but if you have a combination of this royal flush card scheme, then you can become a champion because this otakupoker card combination has the highest value.

  1. Straight Flush

Straight Flush happens to bea combination of 5 cards of consecutive value and the same symbol. This card combination is not simple to get, but if you have a combination of Straight Flush cards, because of that, your winning percentage is quite large compared to other players.

  1. Four Of A Kind

Four of a kind is a combination of cards with 4 of the same value and 1 arbitrary card with what value and number.

  1. Full House

Full House is a combination of cards with the same 3 values ​​and the same 2 values ​​even though the symbols are different.

  1. Flush

Flush is a combination of 5 cards with the same symbol even though the values ​​are different.


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